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Companies competing in the worldwide economy are increasingly looking to outsourcing as a means of lowering costs, improving service, and re-focusing resources to their own core competencies. BPO companies answer the need to handle relatively generic tasks that are common to many businesses. These tasks are often better handled by specialized firms which can drive greater economy and efficiency, while delivering state-of-the-art capabilities and expertise that comes with doing one thing well on a large scale.

BPO firms may appear to be more closely identified with the industries they serve or the tasks they perform. Nevertheless, there is a commonality among BPO firms which has led investment banks, analysts, publishers and various other firms to define and follow BPO as a distinct industry.

Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. has experience and a solid merger and acquisition record with BPO companies offering IT services, transaction processing, human resource management, customer relations, network management, accounting, collections and other tasks which are vital to every business. We welcome all inquiries.