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"We serve as an 'honest intermediary' and take our duty seriously to serve all with truth, discretion and effective execution. We understand that our paychecks and our honor are intertwined. We are proudest when we receive a compliment for a job well done."

—Pete Sokoloff

John Barker, CEO, Cortel, Inc.

We worked with Pete, Bernie, and Clarissa of Sokoloff and Company on our efforts to find an exit strategy for our company.  Bernie is great at generating lots of positive leads from sources we would not otherwise have been aware of.  Clarissa did a great job organizing meetings, calls, and eventually the data room used during due diligence.  Pete is a consummate professional and calmly and competently guided us through each stage of the process, from preparing for market, handling initial meetings, negotiating a strong and thorough LOI, and then helping get us through close.  We can’t thank them enough for their patience and professionalism – and of course, the outcome!  I would highly recommend Sokoloff and Company.

Bhanuprakash Cherukuri, Chief Strategy Officer, Infotech Enterprises, Ltd.

Infotech Enterprises Ltd., is a leader in engineering design services with a global delivery model. Network engineering services for telecom operators is a key new service offering that we started providing to customers in Europe and Asia about 2 years ago. Since then, Infotech has established itself as a very successful partner for several leading telecom operators. To expand the geographic scope and accelerate the growth of this service offering, we decided to explore inorganic opportunities in the US market.

We engaged Peter A Sokoloff & Co., to assist us in the process of identifying and executing the inorganic strategy. Our engagement has been a great success. Mark and Pete worked with us very closely through the entire process of target definition, identification, diligence through to Closing. They were methodical in the process, perseverant in follow up, proactive in advancing the process and creative when we faced challenges. It was a pleasure working with these highly motivated individuals.

Ariel Adoram, CEO, Orad LTD, Israel

The strategic decision to further grow our international activities and focus on Homeland Security led us to consider the spin-off of our Fire Extinguishing business, Lehavot.

We came across Sokoloff & Co while searching for strategic acquisitions overseas. Once we decided to spin-off Lehavot, it was only natural we approach the boutique investment banker who specializes in our industry. This turned out to be a very rewarding decision. Mark Schwartz analyzed Lehavot and helped us approach several potential buyers, and then structure a transaction to meet both our goals as well as the buyer.

Negotiation tends to have ups and downs, however, Mark was optimistic throughout, making sure the process continued until it came to a successful ending. I'd like to mostly thank Mark for working days and nights to bring us all from the initial introduction, through presentations of Lehavot to possible buyers, identifying Minimax in Germany as the right strategic buyer and then helping through the negotiations, all the way to closing.

Rick Ford, formerly CEO, Digitech International, Inc. 

I first met Peter and his associates at a hospitality suite at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas over three years ago. Peter is well respected in the area of mergers and acquisitions with a specialty in representing Security and IT companies. It was my desire at that time to learn more about the options of preparing an exit strategy. Peter was very helpful and straightforward in his advice and counsel. 

After some time passed, I prepared the company for sale and signed a listing agreement with Peter’s firm.  Within a short time we had on-site visits with over five qualified potential buyers and received a letter of intent from a national company who ultimately purchased the company.  

Peter and all of his associates are very qualified to represent the seller and provided a great deal of assistance in every aspect of the acquisition process from valuation through closing.  

I highly recommend Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. and know that they are very experienced in their area of expertise and will successfully represent the seller in the most effective and ethical manner.   

Nancy Kersten, President, AllCom Global Services

"We interviewed several firms to guide us through the process of selling our company. After meeting with the principals of each firm we decided to go with Sokoloff & Co. because of their knowledge of the industry, their experience and track record.

The staff at Sokoloff & Co. managed our process from beginning to end. They worked closely with us, taking into consideration that we had a business to run. After several offers were presented, the Sokoloff team worked hard on our behalf to help negotiate the deal that best served our interests. Daily communication and traveling to our offices in St. Louis on many occasions to meet with prospective buyers was a key component to a successful negotiation and closing the transaction.

I would recommend Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to anyone who is considering the M&A process. Over the course of the engagement, we developed a personal relationship that allowed us to discuss any topic at any time of the day or night. Their professional manner and advice was just the right thing we needed to help us through this demanding process."

Brad Hanson, President, National Network Services

"Sokoloff & Co. did a great job for National Network Services, Inc. and its ownership group in positioning, mentoring and completing our acquisition by Redhawk Industries.

Bernie and Pete analyzed our company and decided to position us as a security play, which was brilliant, since security was a relatively new service offering for our company, but well justified with revenues. We had a great amount of activity as soon as the executive summary was released. Someone from Sokoloff attended every site visit with prospective buyers. I felt our plans to sell the company were very well protected, so much so that it was a total surprise to our business partners and clients. Thanks for that.

When our group got off track and struggled with the sale and the process you pulled us back and kept the deals going. I appreciate the objective views you had of our company and the way you communicated ways to make us a better operation, whether we got a deal done or not. Sokoloff stayed optimistic the whole time about where we were at in the process and eventually came up with a solution for the buyer to justify the targeted price that the owners of NNSI could agree on. You got the deal done when it could have gone south!

I appreciate all that you have done for NNSI and me personally. I will miss our daily conversations. If I ever get back into the market on either side of a transaction, I will call you first."

Moshe Levy, CEO, Safeguards Technology LLC

“Our rapid growth and increasing project size led to a decision to consider taking on a strategic investor. We contracted with Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. after meeting with them at a Security Industry trade show. Sokoloff understood our needs perfectly. One candidate introduced by Sokoloff, Master Halco, stood out above the rest as we quickly found much common ground and a shared dedication to perimeter defense.

“Master Halco is the world’s leading distributor and manufacturer of fencing, gates and access control products. Safeguards' smart systems combined with Master Halco's products, financial strength and huge distribution network presents a powerful proposition which will forge a stronger future for both companies.

“I cannot say enough about the wonderful care and expert guidance that Sokoloff provided during every step of the complex process through negotiations, due diligence, documentation and closing. Thanks to Pete and his staff for a job very well done.”

Dale Donohoe, President & CEO,
Intertex Barriers and Booths

“We chose Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to represent us because of their contacts in the Security Industry and excellent client track record. As expected, they presented our company professionally to numerous interested buyers.

“We were impressed by the speed in which things happened. The period from first contact with buyers through actual closing was just three months. With Sokoloff's guidance we were able to select the best buyer and quickly complete the negotiation. Bernie and Pete managed the entire complex process, keeping everyone moving through a rapid closing schedule.

“Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. knows their business and produces great results. I highly recommend their services.”

Joan Y McCabe, Managing Partner, Brynwood Partners

“As a private equity firm, we generally do not hire bankers to represent us in acquisitions, as we feel we know the industries we operate in very well. However, we had gotten to know Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. at an industry trade show, and they were diligent about showing us ideas for our portfolio company, Tomsed Corporation.  As soon as we heard about Intertex, we knew it was a fit for us.

“Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. was extremely helpful in negotiating a transaction that worked for both sides, was very diligent in helping with due diligence, and was instrumental in making sure the transaction closed in a timely manner. Even though Sokoloff was not our banker, we came to rely on them to help both sides complete the transaction. That is the mark of a good banker; both sides trust them, regardless of who the banker is representing.”

Lisa Marie Maxson, CTO,
Telecom Software Enterprises (TSE)

“Choosing Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to sell our company was one of the smartest moves we made. They helped us to understand the true value of our company and who the potential acquirers could be. Once acquirers were found, they worked diligently to get the deal closed. Sokoloff did an excellent job of keeping the negotiations moving and on track when emotions were high.

“Selling your business is not an easy process but Sokoloff smoothed the way.

“I am happy with the results and would recommend Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to any company on the buy or sell side of a deal.

Brian Ervine, CFO, Evolving Systems, Inc.

“I really appreciate your efforts in working with us to close our acquisition of TSE. Throughout the negotiations you demonstrated good listening skills in understanding our concerns and respectfully communicated your client's concerns. You recognized reasonable requests during the negotiations and effectively sold these points to your client when it was necessary. By keeping the business points summarized, the negotiations moved along at the pace we requested to get this transaction closed in a timely manner.

“Again, thanks for all your hard work.”

Gilbert Jullien, CEO, Jullien Enterprises

“Before 9/11 Jullien Enterprises received an inquiry about every two weeks, asking if we were interested in either selling our business or joining a roll-up with other like-minded businesses. Business has been excellent and Jullien has developed strong relationships with long-term customers. After 9/11 we began receiving two inquiries or more a week.

“In the summer of 2002, Pete Sokoloff called with the first inquiry that had ever piqued our interest. While the specific subject of that call ended up being a non-starter, Pete Sokoloff’s professionalism and straightforward manner impressed us.

“Several months later, knowing that any sale of the company needed to be a win-win for our customers, our employees, the buyer and Jullien's owners, we decided to have Pete and his team design and run a process that was highly attuned to our needs. We were committed to sell the company only if the right partner could be found and the right terms reached. We chose Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. because they had dedicated their efforts to our specific market segment. They ran a highly professional and confidential process from beginning to end, advising and helping us at every step. We were impressed with the finesse shown as Sokoloff guided us through the process, orchestrated a complex campaign and reached a most successful conclusion with SAIC.  I recommend Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. without reservation.”

Jerry Rudisin, CEO, NightFire Software

“NightFire recognized the need for some kind of M&A transaction in late 2002 and elected Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. as our adviser, after looking at several other bankers and brokers, large and small. The NightFire team was impressed with Sokoloff's deep expertise and focus in the OSS area, and their knowledge of all of the players.  Pete and his colleagues did a thorough job discovering both potential buyers and candidates for merger and rollup, contacting at least 60 companies. We had deep discussions with about 15, culminating in offers from two, including the offer from NeuStar that NightFire accepted. Pete and his colleagues did a terrific job as our advisor in this deal; we would not have had the NeuStar option or completed the deal without Peter A. Sokoloff & Co.”

Jim Odom, Martin Group CEO

“They suggested several companies for our consideration before we selected GeoEconomics. Then they worked with us to close this important transaction in record time. Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. has the contacts… and they know how to think strategically in the OSS market. We are very pleased with the outcome and will work with them again.”

Matt Swenson, GeoEconomics CEO

“Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. quickly earned our trust and confidence. They served both sides well with expert advice and direction. From the beginning to the end of a very complex process, we depended on them – and they delivered.”

Brent Hyde, Founder/President,
Technology Applications, Inc.

“When we decided that it was time to merge Technology Applications with a larger company, we elected Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to represent us. Pete Sokoloff immediately introduced us to three potential buyers. Then he introduced us to two more. All five of the companies were interested and in less than three months we had our choice of several excellent offers. The entire process, from the day we contracted with Sokoloff to the day of the closing, was less than four months.

“I was very impressed with Pete's skillful handling of the transaction. During negotiations he represented us well and kept everything moving at a rapid rate. Many brokers require a great deal of time and effort, up front, in order to develop an understanding of a business before they can move forward with potential suitors. Pete's broad experience in the industry saved us considerable time and money. Overall, it was a pleasure working with him and his partner, Annie.

“Peter A. Sokoloff & Co.’s market knowledge and expert merger and acquisition skills are proven to me, beyond a doubt. I recommend them highly and encourage anyone in the billing and customer care segment who is contemplating the sale or merger of their own company to get in touch with Pete immediately."

Dave Packhem, CEO Infotech Solutions Corp.

“Last year we retained Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. to assist us through the complex process of selling our company. Sokoloff did an excellent job of preparing collateral information and contacting numerous qualified buyers. Several buyers visited us here in Maine and a representative from Sokoloff was at every meeting.

“Ultimately, we were acquired in a strategic transaction with Boston Communications Group. Peter A. Sokoloff & Co.'s services were very valuable to us; my partners and I thank them for their help, enthusiasm and guidance.”

E.Y. Snowden, CEO, Boston Communications Group, Inc.

“The Boston Communication Group had the opportunity to work with Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. during a recent acquisition we concluded. Upon the closing of this transaction, we expressed our thanks to the staff of Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. for presenting this company to us.

“We found that whatever information we needed, we could count on their office to provide answers to our questions.

“Given Peter A. Sokoloff & Co.’s expertise in mergers & acquisitions, their domain knowledge, sincere character and flexibility in solving complex problems, I would recommend their services to anyone who needs them.”